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Martial Masters

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Postou 22 janeiro 2010 - 05:53

Martial Masters is a fighting game based in many chinese movies related kung fu from the 70´s and also Once Upon a Time in China series (which featured Jet Li as Wong Fei Hung).
Game story:

At the end of Chin's Dinasty, the government was weakened by
corruption; they were attacked by foreign forces. The people were
living in misery and quite unsatisfied with the situation. They didn't
believe in the government anymore, and turned their faith back to
religion. The White Lotus Sect saw the opportunity and took over. They
claimed to help the government to defeat foreigners and bring peace to
the world. The Ideology was quickly accepted. Everything related with
the Western world was killed or destroyed. Anyone against this
principal was considered an enemy and accused of being bound with the
devil. Dragon of "Martial Master" and Master Huang of "Po Chi Lin"
could not accept these outrageous behaviors, so they joined together
and prevented much bloodshed. One day the leader of White Lotus Sect
sent an invitation to Dragon and Master Huang, but Dragon's Disciples
saw this as an entrapment and recommended they wait for Master Huang,
who was out of town collecting medicine. The Master did not want to
lose this opportunity to make peace and went alone. Unfortunately, he
was captured and put in prison. Both parties started confrontation and
have struggled since then.

Now Dangers are hidden all over the place. Who is capable of resolving
this situation? Let's find out!


-Master Huang
Specials Skills: All Kind of Martial Art, Own Creation: Shadowless
Age : 24
Sex: Male
Personality: Righteous, Honorable
Hobby: None
Relative: Father-Huang, Chi Yin

His Father and him were known as the "Ten Tigers of Canton",
Family Secret "Shadowless Kick" was well-known (some secret). The
Institution "Po Chi Lin" was created to heal and help people. His
friend Dragon was kidnapped, and he helped Crane in a rescue mission.
He was an Expert in Shaolin Kung Fu, and developed new techniques like
"Ten Words Fist" and Shadowless Kick. In the game he belongs to the
most powerful character. He can combine different skills and
techniques during the fight. Strategic Attacks are the main uses of
this character.

Special Skills: Crane Fist
Age : 19
Sex: Female
Personality : Introverted, doesn't like conversation
Hobby : Reading Books, Astrology, Zodiac
Relative : Father (Missing)

Her father was "Martial Master" brother. She was grown up with
"Martial Master" Dragon and used to play together. She doesn't have
many friends, because of her personality. Besides Dragon, SaoJin is
the only one she can have a conversation with; she hated most the
Casanova Scorpion. The Rescue Mission and its planning put her in

-Drunk Master
Special Skills: Drunk Fist
Age : Unknown
Sex: Male
Personality : Open minded, happy nature
Hobby : Drink as much wine as he can get
Relative : Unknown

Except for his name and his love for wine. Other Details are
unknown. He traveles around the world seeking fine wines. He saved a
girl's life on his trip. Now he has a new hobby : Challenge his
neighbors. For love to his step grand-daughter, he messed up with the
White Lotus Sect.

-Ghost Kick
Special Skills: Own Kick Methods
Age : 30
Sex: Male
Personality : Loyalty
Hobby : Gambling
Relative : None

He was a wealthy man at first, but because of gambling, he lost
his fortune. He turned into a local bully, and worked as a cart
driver. He fought against everyone on the street, and developed
Special Kicking Skills. He was also known as Crazy Ghost Kick.

Special Skills : Arhats Fist
Age : 42
Sex: Male
Personality : Hates evil as one does one's enemy
Hobby : Kung Fu Freak
Relative : Little Brother and Sister

A Genius since he was a kid. Had Kung Fu training day and night.
After his parents death, he gave up all fortune to his brother, and
went to learn better fighting techniques. When he was at the age of
22, he lost the fight against the "Martial Masters". He was
frustrated, and went to Shaolin to be a monk. After 20 years of
intense training, he returned to fight the "Martial Master"; but
couldn't find him.

-Monkey Boy
Special Skills : Monkey Fist
Age : 20
Sex: Male
Personality : Loves to be free, doesn't like any bondage
Hobby : Fruits and Nature
Relative : Parents, Older Brother and a Little Brother

Quite naughty as a Child. His father sent him to "Martial Master"
since he was little. Hoping to better his character. At the age of 20,
he moved with his brother to the hill outside of the city. He learned
Monkey Fist from "Martial Master" and a lot of monkeys followed him as
his disciples. His attack strategy is: To move, agile, provocative
like the monkey. Confusing his enemy is his main goal.

Special Skills: Family Ancient Fight Techniques
Age : 14
Sex: Female
Personality : Happy Nature, Strong Curiosity
Hobby : To Collect Everything Cute-Looking
Relative : Both parents dead

Father Unknown, Mother was killed, when she was little. The White
Lotus Sect failed to kidnapped her, and slaughtered the village, when
she was twelve. She got injured during the fight, and was rescued by
Drunk Master. After healing, she fought against the White Lotus Sect,
and tried to find out the reason for kidnapping her. Combined Drunk
Master and Chi, she developed special skills, like Deadly Kick and
Small Moon Kick. (The Big Moon Kick requires a lot of Energy.)

Special Skills : Last Student of Master Huang
Age : 19
Sex: Female
Personality : Smart, Happy Nature
Hobby : Photography, Everything related to Western
Relative : Older Sister

She was a relative of Master Huang. But they had no blood
relationship. Master Huang's Mother threatened her as a sister.
Because of this, she was unable to establish a relationship with him.
She was fascinated by the western civilization and went to study in
London, where unfortunately, she met Scorpion King. Now she is living
in "Po Chi Lin".

Special Skill : Scorpio Fist
Age : 21
Sex: Male
Personality : Arrogant, Cold-Blooded, Lustful
Hobby : Lust for Women
Relative : Father & Mother

Son of the Richest Family in Canton. He found himself to be fond
of women, well-known as Canton's Playboy. Afraid of his fiancé's Snake
Fist, because for him, marriage is like a grave. He had two secret
Lovers. One of them defeated him when he was learning Kung Fu. The
other one was SaoJin, who was in love with someone else. Thanks to his
arrogant personality. He decided to use the Soft Way. He went abroad
to escape from Snake. He went back home to chase SaoJin. This shows
his determination to get a woman. His strength is concentrated to his
feet. Rotation Kick is his favorite strategy. His speed and movement
are faster than anyone elses. Of course there are other tricks, but
not deadly. Use with caution.

Special Skills : Snake Fist
Age : 22
Sex: Female
Personality : Determinate. To get anything without thinking
Hobby : Herself
Relative : Parents and two Sisters

Belongs to another Multi-Millionaire Family in Canton. Excellent
relationship between her family and Scorpion King's. She was engaged
to Scorpion King since childhood. But Scorpion King was fond to women
and didn't take serious of this engagement. He was profound In Crate
Fist and this made her hate this art of skill. After Scorpion King
went abroad, there was peace finally at "Martial Master".

Special Skills: Tiger Fist
Age : 27
Personality : Heroic and sometimes frivolous
Hobby : Chinese Food, Chinese Painting
Relative : Step Father

He was an orphan, brought up by an American Missionaire. Later he
followed him to China. During the England-France Alliance War, he lost
his whereabouts. He was rescued by the master of "Martial Master" and
learned from his Tiger Fist. He traveled through China, hopping to
find the Missionaire. During his trip, he found out that the White
Lotus Sect were killing Missionaires and his master was kidnapped. He
went back to Canton to help in this rescue mission.

-Lotus Master
Special Skills : Secret Strategies of White Lotus
Age : Unknown
Sex: Male
Personality : Unstable Temper
Hobby : Kung Fu
Relative : Unknown

His Past is unknown. He had a excellent relationship with the
former leader of the White Lotus Sect and learned from him Secret
Strategies of the White Lotus Sect. His fighting ability is unknown,
none are able to fight him after twenty rounds. His rewards and
punishment to others were clearly defined and he was the most powerful
man in the sect. All his disciples trusted him completely. But lately
a whole team was executed, because of a failure (Kidnapping a little
girl). This made an unsafe atmosphere in the sect, everyone tried to
save themselves as their primary directive.

The game plot is loosely based in Once Upon a Time in China 2 which Wong Fei Hung fights the evil White Lotus Cult which wish to drive the foreigns off from China.
Movies related Kung Fu:
Once Upon a Time in China series:
a) Once Upon a Time in China 1:
b) Once Upon a Time in China 2:
Anyone have interest in this game?
-Kenshin Himura

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It — is improbable!

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